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Suspect Alexander Sichinskiy extradited from Prague

Russian national Alexander Sichinskiy, 47, was recently extradited from Prague to Moscow by Interpol officers. Sichinskiy’s charges are based on Article 174-1 (part 2) and Article 165 (part 3) of the Russian Federation Criminal Code: damage to property through deception or breach of trust and money-laundering, the press officer of Interpol’s Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs division reports.
Alexander Sichinskiy was placed on Interpol’s international ‘wanted’ list in August 2009 upon the initiative of Chelyabinsk Region’s Internal Affairs Administration and was detained in the Czech Republic in May 2010.
The inquiry committee claims Sichinskiy used deception and breach of trust to steal over 12 million RUR belonging to ZAO Sibnefteprodukt; it is alleged that he then used a profit-making organization which he founded to go through with the money-laundering.
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