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Ural Turbine Plant ignores waste water limits

ZAO Ural Turbine Plant failed to meet the environmental authorities’ demands in full, Rospotrebnadzor announced recently. The experts from the state consumer rights watchdog carried out an unscheduled inspection of the enterprise in order to check how well the company complies with order 01-20-11/6665 issued by Yekaterinburg’s chief health officer on October 18, 2009.

The lab tests of waste water the plant keeps on dumping in the Osnovinka, a nearby river, showed that the company exceeded its maximum permissible discharge limits in December 2009-January 2010.

To make matters worse, the company has not adopted any lab-test monitoring program for production and consumption waste disposal dumps. Nor does it deal in any control over the quality of air in the emission zones.

Then, the company’s papers on the maximum permissible atmospheric discharge have not been coordinated with Rospotrebnadzor’s local division.

Finally, Ural Turbine Plant has no sanitation-and-epidemiological report on its production waste that could clearly determine the scale of this waste’s environmental and health hazard.
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