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Energy Minister to look into TGK-9

Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Anatoly Gredin organized yet another meeting of the region’s recession-fighting committee in order to consider the situation at TGK-9, the local power supplier.

ZAO KES’s subsidiary Generatsiya Urala’s Legal and Corporate Issues Director Vladimir Kanov made a report on the clashes between the workers and the management regarding the collective labor agreement.

According to the local trade unions, the employees of OAO TGK-9 (the company comprising the energy facilities of Sverdlovsk Region, Perm Territory, and the Republic of Komi) have been receiving wages 20% smaller than those they used to get before the recession since July 2009. For one, the company’s administration cut the workers’ bonuses by 50%. The workers and the managers agreed that a new provision on bonuses was needed but were unable to reach a compromise on what exactly the bonuses should be paid for.

Having looked into the issue, Anatoly Gredin decided that a letter explaining the problem at TGK-9 should be sent to the Russian Federation Energy Minister Sergey Shmatko. The letter should also cover the issues related to the company’s failure to comply with the adopted investment program.

Gredin explained that the committee would also keep an eye on the troubled enterprises.
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