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Alfa-Bank keeps no track of Bank Severnaya Kaznas e-customers

18.02.2010. : public
Following Bank Severnaya Kaznas financial recovery procedure, only 28.57% of the banks business customers got transferred to Alfa-Bank, the new owner.

Bank Severnaya Kazna had about 21,000 active business customers, of whom approximately 6,000 joined Alfa-Bank, Alfa-Banks Regional Business Customer Development Director Mikhail Povaliy said in the course of an online conference broadcast via Alfa-Banks official website.

When asked about the number of Bank Severnaya Kaznas e-customers at the start of the financial recovery procedure, however, Alfa-Banks top executive seemed at a loss. It turned out the Moscow-based bank was simply not interested in attracting the local banks e-customers and so never bothered to collect any data on them.

We never intended to retain Bank Severnaya Kaznas e-customers. What mattered to us was not the mere transfer of all accounts to Alfa-Bank but attracting the active customers, noted Bank Severnaya Kaznas Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board Roman Vitkovskiy.