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Governor Sumin to support clinics

22.12.2009. : public
Chelyabinsk Region is going to devote the next five years to healthcare improvements, the regions Governor Petr Sumin announced at a recent press conference.

Over the last few years, plenty of improvements have been introduced in the healthcare field in Kunashakskiy and Argayashskiy districts as well as in Varna, Chesma, Troitsk, and Chelyabinsk. We have already built a number of important facilities and we keep on working on some new ones. For one, a childrens hospital was put up in Chelyabinsk, which cost 1.3 billion RUR. Naturally we dont have enough money for every single project, but we still had a special 5.5-billion-ruble medical facilities upgrade program devised a couple of years ago. The only problem is that its implementation had to be postponed because of the recession, the Governor explained.

Petr Sumin said all the clinics in every regional town and district would be repaired and upgraded within the next five years. The projects will be co-financed through the regions budget.