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Frolovs look for bank testers online

Vladimir and Andrei Frolov have announced via a number of online forums that they are looking for some businesses willing to test their new e-banking product.

The heads of a newly founded bank even insist that their testers have some experience of working with e-banking products (preferably Bank Severnaya Kazna’s Internet Bank) and use the product as both a business account administrator and a private individual.

‘We expect some constructive cooperation and a patient attitude towards the hypothetical glitches,’ a E1 forum user acting on behalf of Andrei Frolov says.

Vladimir Frolov’s online bank was launched yesterday, and the first customers opened their accounts there on the very first day. However, the service is not available to each and every business, warns Uran Commercial Bank‘s Methodology Department Director and BOD Member Andrei Frolov.

The name of the Internet bank still hasn’t been announced; the web address of the bank is also kept confidential for the time being and is in fact only a temporary one.

In the meantime, Andrei Frolov maintains the bank does exist and function normally. Nevertheless, the official representation of the e-bank is probably only temporary as well.

‘We are doing a real job, the customer accounts really get opened and serviced. But the information resource we are using is only there for the time being. We mean to announce the name of the bank when it gets opened for each and every customer. The e-bank will have its own office at 195 Moskovskaya St. in Yekaterinburg. This is where our back office is, so at first, our customers will be served here as well,’ Andrei Frolov said to UrBC.
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