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Avtofrans won’t pay UKS-Invest

‘As far as the building at 3 Vysotskiy St. in Yekaterinburg is concerned, UKS-Invest was the customer for the project and Avtofrans was the investor. The construction was completed in the middle of 2008, but a few problems were revealed during the commissioning process. These problems still haven’t been eliminated,’ Avtofrans court representative Valeria Chicherina said to UrBC.

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court conducted a hearing of the claim laid by UKS-Invest against Avtofrans and Avtoprodiks on December 14, 2009. The plaintiff demands that their deal be declared invalid and that the consequences stemming from the invalidity a void contract be applied.

‘Avtofrans decided to stop paying for the construction of the building until the problems have been eliminated, but UKS-Invest sued us in order to get about 6 million RUR of debt. They promise to work on the problems later,’ Chicherina added.
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