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TEN-Development to open Alatyr in February

The technical opening of Alatyr Trade and Entertainment Center has already taken place in Yekaterinburg. The only shop that is currently operating there is Media Markt, the German consumer electronics chain store. The better part of the center’s six-storey premises is still being finished, with future boutiques’ cubicles covered in banners. What’s more, the temperature in the building is quite low everywhere except MediaMarkt.

‘We are currently doing all the repair and finishing jobs and hope our tenants will have completed everything by January or February 2010. This is when we are planning to open,’ Director of TEN-Development Management Company Grigory Marak said at a recent press conference.

As a matter of fact, the finishing work was supervised by Deputy Mayor of Yekaterinburg Viktor Konteev and Sverdlovsk Region Minister for Trade, Food, and Services Vera Solovyova.

TEN-Development Management Company reports they have already been able to rent about 80% of their shopping space.
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