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MMK makes new automobile steels

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) sheet-rolling shop recently manufactured a pilot batch of cold-rolled products made of rephosphorized steel; this batch has already been shipped to the customer, AvtoVAZ.

MMK PR Department reports RS steel contains up to .12% of phosphorus, which, in combination with a number of other chemical compounds, helps get very durable, yielding, and stretchable kinds of steel that are corrosion-resistant and have outstanding welding properties. This is why RS steel is particularly popular with car manufactories. MMK’s sheet-rolling shop 5 is now making cold-rolled products out of RS steel with strength index 220 and the thickness of .7mm to 2.8 mm. These products meet both the Russian standards and the European norms.

In addition to AvtoVAZ, some applications for the samples of cold-rolled products with strength index 220 have recently been placed by Hyundai-Kia and PKF DIPOS (the car parts manufacturer). The samples have been sent to the companies and approved by these companies’ laboratories. What is more, the Korean manufacturer has already used the steel for some experimental press-forming, MMK reports.
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