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Mikhail Maksimov insists on getting share in UIC Bank

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court will resume the hearing of the claim laid by Mikhail Maksimov against Leonid Itskov and Ural Innovational Commercial Bank (Uralincombank, UIC Bank) on December 2, 2009. The plaintiff insists on his right to a share in the bank’s authorized capital. Maksimov claims that this share should come to 12.5% of the bank’s shares, which amounts to about 5.3 million RUR.

As it happens, the defendants did not provide any response to this claim in the course of the preliminary court hearing on November 19, 2009.

The court also decided to get a number of strangers to the litigation involved in the case, namely, O.D. Voronova and A.V. Khruschev, since the court’s final ruling might actually affect their rights and responsibilities.

It was suggested that the plaintiff should send the copies of his claims to the above-mentioned third parties and to provide proof of his claims to a shareholding in the bank’s capital. Mikhail Maksimov is also supposed to place the originals of all the papers related to the case, as well as the proof of paying for the share, with the court. Leonid Itskov, in his turn, is expected to provide the proof of the fact that the shareholding in question had been alienated by July 1, 2009. Finally, UIC Bank is to provide the court with the register of in-coming documents.

The whole thing started in July 2009 when UIC Bank got many new proprietors. According to the bank’s official website as of July 2009, Leonid Itskov owned a 7.52% shareholding in the bank at that moment.
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