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Vladimir Frolov becomes Chair of URAN BOD

Former BOD Chairman of Bank Severnaya Kazna (now belonging to Alfa-Bank) Vladimir Frolov became the BOD Chairman of URAN Commercial Bank. The news has been announced via the company’s official website.

In fact, UrBC maintained as early as September 2009 that Frolov was going to use URAN to start up a new financial project; this claim has therefore been officially proved now.

The Board of Directors now comprises seven members, including Andrei V. Frolov.

Ural Commercial Bank was set up in February 1992 in Sorochinsk, Orenburg Region. In January 2005, the bank became a member of the obligatory deposit insurance system and nine months later the headquarters were re-registered in and moved to Moscow. Besides, the bank’s Yekaterinburg branch was founded on November 11, 2009.

URAN’s fixed capital amounted to over 300 million RUR on August 1, 2009.
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