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Court looks into Rosbank vs. Uralvagonzavod

Sverdlovsk Region Arbitration Court resumed hearing of the claim laid by AKB Rosbank against Uralvagonzavod Scientific and Production Enterprise on October 9, 2009. The plaintiff insists on being paid 167 million RUR, the spokesperson for the court says.

The bank wants Uralvavonzavod to pay them 167,494,076.1 RUR, of which 163,219,000.64 RUR is the enterprise’s debt resulting from the promissory notes UVZ No 0004761-0004776 issued on March 27, 2009. The notes have to be paid no earlier than the set deadline. The remaining 2,137,534.73 RUR and 2,137,534.73 RUR make up the interest and the fine, respectively.
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