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Governor Sumin gets tough with enterprises

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin asked his deputy Yuri Klepov and the region’s Minister for Industry Evgeniy Teftelev to investigate the situation behind each of the region’s troublesome enterprises.

‘There are a few companies here (such as Stankomash and Chelyabinsk Mechanical Plant) that we need to get tough with,’ his spokesperson quoted the Governor as saying.

The Governor also asked the government officials to pay more attention to employment problems.

‘This is an issue of paramount importance. We’ve got nearly 65,500 jobless in the region now, including the new college and vocational school graduates. This is why we must work harder to create jobs,’ Sumin said.

The Governor feels a lot of graduates will be able to benefit from the Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev’s initiative on on-campus innovational enterprises and think tanks. Petr Sumin asked his team to make the think tanks setup process swift; in return, he promised some regional budget subsidies for the projects.

Then, the head of Chelyabinsk Region addressed the shortage of livestock fodder brought about by the recent draughts in the south of the region. Nevertheless, he said there was still enough time to make up for this.

Finally, Sumin pointed out that the Great Patriotic War veterans were still in need of better housing. The Governor assured the government officials that the financing would be available, so he asked Deputy Governor Evgeniy Redin to supervise the process of housing allocation.
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