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MMK sets record

A production record was set at Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) coating shop: the polymeric coating unit produced 18,826 tons of goods instead of the planned 17,000 tons in March 2009.

The company’s PR Department explains the unit, launched in the summer of 2004, showed its maximum capacity of the moment in October 2005 when 17,032 tons of goods were produced.

Most of the goods produced in March are zinc-coated rolled metal goods with poly coating, of which 16,500 have been delivered on the domestic market and 1,500 tons sold within the CIS. The order portfolio for April comes to 23,000-25,000 tons of goods, despite the unit’s capacity of 17,000-18,000 tons.

‘Such great demand for poly-coated rolled metal goods can be explained by the goods’ exceptional quality. We haven’t had a single customer complaint in four months. This quality is possible thanks to our workers’ great discipline and the innovations applied to the polymeric coating unit,’ MMK PR Department reports.
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