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Sberbank’s Ural branch issues 3,000,000th card

Sberbank of Russia’s Ural branch issued its 3,000,000th bank card recently.

‘This is a major event for our bank, since we managed to reach this record extremely rapidly: our 2,000,000th cardholder was congratulated on getting this very special card as recently as one year ago. Setting such records is a pleasure we are always eager to share with our customers,’ Sberbank of Russia’s Ural branch’s Bank Card Management Director Svetlana Skorinova said to their happy 3,000,000th cardholder.

In fact, every other family living in the Urals is using Sberbank’s cards at the moment, with over 3,000 cardholders arriving every day. Given this impressive number of clients based in Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, and Kurgan Regions as well as in Bashkortostan, the bank primarily aims to put even more emphasis on the further infrastructure development. The bank runs over 900 cash terminals, 1,675 ATMs, and 462 information & transaction terminals in all the areas of its economic presence.

Sberbank’s Ural branch has more than 9,000 business partners that accept its cards in their POS terminals.
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