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Ural Airlines leases another Airbus A320

Ural Airlines keeps implementing its aircraft upgrade and replacement program; the carrier has recently leased one more Airbus A320 which is nine years old and used to be driven by ClikAir (the Spanish low-cost airline and Iberia’s daughter enterprise). Prior to handing the airplane over to Ural Airlines, the aircraft had undergone a two-month preparation. Airbus was painted the new owner’s corporate colors; the inside of the plane and the luggage area were fully replaced, and the older standard seats were substituted by 162 improved REСARO leather armchairs, the spokesperson for Ural Airlines says.

According to the carrier’s plan, Ural Airlines is to gradually replace all of its TU 154 B planes with the modern A 320 ones. The airline will be operating ten to twelve Airbus aircraft in the summer of 2009, including one A 321 airplane fit for 220 passengers.
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