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Bank24.ru gets new shareholders

Bank24.ru got a new set of shareholders in the early antemeridian hours of December 5, 2008, the bank’s official website reports.

20% of shares now belong to Probusinessbank, 19.565% of shares are now owned by Probusinessbank’s IT Director Alexei Pirogov, 19.969% of shares belong to Probusinessbank’s Vice President for Credit Risks Yaroslav Alekseev, 20% belong to Porbusinessbank’s Vice President Sergey Letunov, and the remaining 20% belong to Porbusinessbank’s Vice President Konstantin Martemyanov.

Bank24.ru’s website says the agreement to this extent was signed by Deposit Insurance Agency, Probusinessbank (Life Group’s leading bank), and Bank24.ru on December 4, 2008.

According to the terms of this agreement, Bank24.ru’s financial recovery is to be handled by Probusinessbank.
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