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Financing of terminal looks uncertain, Koltsovo Airport says

‘Some problems of financial nature popped up regarding the reconstruction of the airport’s new terminal. We are experiencing some difficulties with the airport control tower. It just cannot be completed by December as we had planned,’ Koltsovo Airport’s General Director Kirill Shubin said in the course of a meeting chaired by Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Eduard Rossel.

‘You have one and a half months, provided you get only one shift of workers. And you have four and a half moths if you get four shifts. So you’ve got six months to complete the tower and it’s shameful to complain about having no time. Let’s try to get things done the way they should be,’ the Governor said.

Kirill Shubin reports the airport’s BOD’s has been considering giving up on the idea of putting up a multilevel parking lot and an exhibition facility.

‘Why don’t you perhaps start looking for a new investor other than Renova? This is, after all, a nice commercially appealing project. It’s not too costly and it enjoys demand. Think about it. Don’t be too stingy, if Renova cannot afford to finance this project, this means it cannot finance it,’ Eduard Rossel remarked.
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