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URSA Bank offers Interest on Balance to businesses

URSA Bank came up with a new offer for its business customers, who can now get some interest for remainder of the money in their account. This means these customers can make their account balance yield some income.

‘The offer is targeted at active companies who happen to have some money left in their settlement accounts and whose business activity peculiarities require that the money should be available at any given moment,’ the bank’s press officer explains.

The interest is paid on a daily basis in the morning of each transaction day, with interest rates varying from .1% to 6% depending on the case. The service is available to both the bank’s new and existing customers, who can activate the offer by simply drawing up a supplementary agreement to their account agreement.

‘We are ready to help businesses manage the money flow and provide them with an income. This means even if a company has a modest sum of money left in its settlement account, say, less than a million RUR, it can fully make up for one year’s cost of the settlement and cash-handling services rendered by the bank,’ says URSA Bank’s executive Olga Mauter.
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