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UBRD opens new seminar session

‘The dropping stock market prices are luring more investors in at the moment. MICEX’s broker’s account growth rate tripled as recently as last week. This is hardly surprising, since a prolonged stock index downfall usually makes the largest Russian companies’ shares look more and more appealing and the investors are becoming increasingly aware of these shares being obviously underestimated. Given all this, the investors have to have a better expertise in both practical and theoretical terms to make the most of the market situation. This is why the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development keeps on offering investor workshops to all those interested,’ says the bank’s press officer.

This fall’s first seminar was held in the bank’s Investment Center at 44 Kraul St. as usual; the workshop was devoted to ways of independent trading and investment. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s experts spoke about a variety of securities and trading floors as well as ways of performing trading operations independently, online for instance. Some other issues covered throughout the seminar had to do with capital management strategies and the basics of fundamental and technical analysis.

‘I believe the participants’ whats, wheres, hows, and whens were answered in the course of the seminar; besides, a Q& A session was provided at the end of the event. Quite a few of those present asked to be subscribed to the bank’s QUIK JUNIOR system and wanted to get a broking agreement. More seminars are coming soon,’ the company’s press officer reports.
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