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Metro Group wants to get rather than give, Alliance says

‘The Russian suppliers do not always pay much attention to the contract terms, as they are subconsciously lulled by the famous brand’s name. Local people tend to believe that a globally recognized player coming on the Russian market is by definition responsible and honest,’ Alliance Non-Commercial Partnership’s CEO Alexei Podolyako notes.

‘What is more, these suppliers feel positive that if a company is so demanding on their part, it automatically guarantees the same responsibility level and will meet its contractual obligations scrupulously, at least. The suppliers assume that such a world-famous brand as Metro Group will be very careful in terms of meeting its obligations. The reality has sometimes proved otherwise,’ he says.

In fact, Metro Group is having problems with its suppliers related to payment delays on a regular basis. Moscow Arbitration Court’s official website has published a number of reports about the claims laid by the unhappy suppliers against MGB Metro Group Buying Rus and Metro Cash & Carry. There are seventy-two claims altogether, twenty-six of which worth over 110 million RUR have been placed with the court since the beginning of 2008. The suppliers claim Metro fails to meet its delivery contract obligations.

Ruzcom, Russian Wine & Vodka Company, OST Flagman, Akmalko, and some others are among the plaintiffs.
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