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Baltika fined for ad law violations

26.08.2008. : public
The Federal Antimonopoly Services Krasnoyarsk division imposed a 40,000-ruble fine on Baltika, the beer manufacturer, for violating the advertising legislation, the spokesperson for the Service reports.

The Services Krasnoyarsk division examined Baltika No.7 beer ad that could be seen in the citys streets and public places in January 2008. It was detected that the size of the warning about the health hazards related to drinking alcohol was not big enough: according to the law, the warning must take up at least 10% of the ads total area. As a result, Baltika was fined and would have to pay 40,000 RUR.

The beer manufacturer, however, took the case to Krasnoyarsk Region Court of Arbitration, claiming the antimonopoly authoritys decision was illegitimate. The court ruled in favor of the Federal Antimonopoly Services Krasnoyarsk division.

The spokesperson for the Service says Baltika has also placed its cassation with the Federal East-Siberian Court of Arbitration, yet to no avail.