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Aston Plaza’s dwellers might lack parking lots

The future apartment dwellers of Aston Park (the set of apartment blocks Aston is currently putting up at 14 Kunarskaya St. in Yekaterinburg) may not find enough parking lots for their cars. People who’ve invested in the apartments in the first buildings of Aston Park say the yard is not big enough to fit many cars. Besides, this yard is already partially occupied by steel garages.

Apparently, Aston has been unable to handle the problem so far. The company’s representatives report they are planning to put up a two-level underground car park next to the first buildings of Aston Park (two sixteen-storey buildings and one nineteen-storey one). At the same time, the number of apartments in these buildings exceeds the number of parking units considerably: there will be 176 cells for over 300 apartments.

Aston Park isn’t Aston’s only project with parking space shortage. The same problems will have to be dealt with in Aston Plaza (the apartment block the builder is putting up at 61 Radischev St.) and in Nakhimov Plaza (the shopping mall at 9 Vainer St.). In the latter case, the site does not provide for any parking lots at all.
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