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Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant’s pipes undergo Russian Quality testing

Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (part of ChTPZ Group) had two kinds of its pipes (particularly thin-walled pipes made of corrosion-resistant steel according to technical specifications 14-159-293 and improved quality capillary tubes made of some corrosion-resistant alloy according to technical specifications 14-159-264 meant for the nuclear power industry) tested by a number of experts within the framework of Russian Quality, the federal program. Both kinds of pipes were classed as the highest quality ones.

The spokesperson for ChTPZ Group reports the evaluation process consisted of analyzing the factual data on the pipe parameters and comparing these data with the standards determined by GOST 10498 and GOST 14162. In addition, the plant’s quality management system was looked into (including the aspects related to technological and metrological provision, production, control, and testing issues, personnel training, and quality improvement policies).

The experts came to the conclusion that the pipes’ parameters indicate the best possible quality for this kind of produce and score more than the average in terms of production. Therefore Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant was given the All-Russian Quality Organization certificate that proves the company’s status as the officially qualified producer of pipes for the nuclear power industry.

In order to produce these great quality pipes, the enterprise had to think over how to get the particular inner and outer surface smoothness, highly precise geometrical dimensions, and stable mechanical characteristics. As a result, there emerged new and unique kinds of pipes with totally new quality that improve on the performance of heating units, making them more reliable and durable. According to the customers, the plant’s pipes are better in terms of precision and surface smoothness than their famous foreign counterparts.
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