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Bank24.ru and AIG insure cardholders’ money

‘Bank24.ru and AIG, the insurance company, have introduced obligatory insurance for holders of Visa Classic, Visa Classic Mini, and Visa Classic Gold. A cardholder is now protected from risks connected with losing a card or having it stolen as well as being robbed next to an ATM. The insurance applies to Visa Classic and Visa Classic Mini cards that were issued after July 16, 2007. and to all Visa Gold cards, irrespective of their date of issuance. The insurance is free for Bank24.ru’s customers, who can use either of the two insurance schemes, the Standard one and the Gold one. The former is suitable for insuring up to 26,000 RUR and is largely meant for Visa Classic and Visa Classic Mini cardholders, the latter is best for Visa Gold cardholders since it covers the insurance of up to 78,000 RUR.

‘In order to safeguard our customers’ finances against various risks, Bank24.ru came up with a tripartite protection scheme: firstly, spending limits exist for all three types of cards, so in case a card is stolen or lost, no ill-intentioned plotter will be able to steal more than just a certain sum of money. Secondly, thanks to the bank’s online Mobile Update service, cardholders are promptly informed about everything that may be or has been done to their bank account. Finally, the insurance the cardholders are provided with guarantees that their money will be safe virtually anywhere on the globe. I’d like to emphasize that we never charge for having one’s bank card insured because we strongly believe that securing our clients’ finances is our duty,’ Bank24.ru’s Marketing Director Irina Buyanova says.

In addition, travel insurance is available for Visa Classic, Visa Classic Mini, and Visa Classic Gold cardholders both on trips around Russia and abroad. This insurance (provided by AIG as well) covers medical expenses and comes in handy in case your luggage gets lost, your flight is delayed, or there occurs an emergency of some sort, the bank’s press officer reports.
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