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Ural Airlines takes part in 1st International Transport Forum

The 1st International Transport Forum and Russian Transport Exhibition 2007 took place in Yekaterinburg on June 2-4, 2007. The events were coordinated by the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport; their agendas covered issues related to Russia’s transport development strategy in 2007-2020 and modernization of the transport system in 2002-2010. There were also quite a few round table discussions, conferences, and meetings devoted to the socio-economic and geopolitical importance of Russian transport in terms of the country’s development; ways and methods of reforming and improving the transport infrastructure were also brought into the limelight, the spokesperson for Ural Airlines reports.

The forum was attended by representatives of the President’s Administration, the Russian Federation Government, the Soviet of the Federation, and of the State Duma, as well as heads of federal ministries and top executives of Russian and foreign companies, regional governors, scientists, and public figures.

Russia’s five major air carriers (Aeroflot, Ural Airlines, Transaero, AirUnion, and Siberia) participated as well.

The opening of the forum was marked by the introduction of a new airport building in Sochi and full reconstruction of the runway meant for more modern and capacious planes. Thanks to this, Ural Airlines will be able to use their IL 86 meant for 350 people for Yekaterinburg-Sochi flight as soon as June 7, 2007 (at the moment, the only planes the carrier can use are small ones only meant for 130 to 150 people).
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