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Ural Airlines assess their success in 2006

Ural Airlines looked at the results of their activity in 2006. The carrier serviced 1,012,037 passengers last year, which exceeds the figures for 2005 by 11%. What is more, the company transferred its millionth passenger within a year: the last time it happened was only in 1998, prior to the national banking crisis. Getting past this point means the carrier is now one of the largest federal airlines, since only 9 out 199 Russian air carriers manage to attract more than a million passengers a year (these are Aeroflot, S7, Transaero, and some others).

The above-mentioned 11% increase in the passenger turnover covers both international and domestic flights; the figure comes to 2,608,633 passenger-kilometers altogether.

Ural Airlines kept increasing the number of destinations throughout the world as well as the frequency of flights last year. The company’s airplanes performed 9,853 flights in 2006, which is 12% better than in January-December 2005. The number of international flights went up 6%; that of international chartered flights rose by 12%; that of domestic flights grew by 9%.

The company managed to raise their passenger load factor by 3.5% against 2005; their ton/kilometer ratio went up 10%, the commercial load ratio grew by 2.5%. In addition, the carrier transferred 73% more mail last year compared to 2005.
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