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Smolino Hotel given over to HELIOPARK Hotel Management

Smolino Hotel of Chelyabinsk has been given over to HELIOPARK Hotel Management.

‘There were a number of reasons for this to happen: so many buildings, for example, simply can’t be properly and meticulously run; besides, becoming part of a well-known brand will increase the hotel profitability. The agreement was signed in February 2006, and Moscow cast of HELIOPARK Hotel Management set to work on March 1,’ said HELIOPARK Smolino Executive Director Elena Nardelli.

‘The arrival of the new managing company naturally broughabout some changes. Thus the working day limit was shifted to 12 hours instead of the previous 24 hours, more employees were taken in as well as new positions (the commissionaire, the night-time manager, the night-time acting GD), new corporate rules were introduced. Besides, the wages were increased and some bonuses were added,’ Ms Nardelli said.

‘Moscow specialists are keeping an eye on everything at the moment, but we’ll surely train the local staff soon: they are to run the business thereafter. By the way, the name of the hotel is now HELIOPARK Smolino.’
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