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Magnesite Group to invest over 90 million RUR into environmental projects

Magnesit Group investments into reconstruction and replacement of its member, Kombinat Magnesite, conservation services are expected to come to 91.76 million RUR within 2006. The company’s strategy is guided by the need to make sure that its environmental management system complies with the international standards as well as the growing requirements of Russian environmental regulations.

Environmental projects section of Magnesite Group investments program provides for reconstruction of existing nature-conserving services, withdrawal of outdated units, perfection of existing environmental technologies and implementation of some new ones, manufacturing application of the best cleaning technologies, the most extensive use of secondary raw materials and expansion of environmental management certification onto every technological process.

Projects for enforcing environmental norms at the company’s workplaces embrace the reconstruction of aspiration plant at the company’s first magnesia goods shop and magnesia goods factory, and installing the new air cleansing equipment for the working area. The company is going to spend 12.1 million RUR on the projects.

Another 70 million RUR will be spent on the reconstruction of gas-cleaning unit behind the third rotatory furnace at the company’s second magnesia powder shop.

The company’s project of industrial waters purification unit building is to be finished during 2007. Its total costs are to come to 15 million RUR. The project maintenance during the present year requires 7.8 million RUR.

Magnesite Group is also going to spend 1.8 million RUR on environmental management system certification.

Realization of the company’s environmental projects for 2006 is to open up the possibility for implementation of international environmental standards and some further improvements of the company’s environmental management system.
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