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NEYVA Bank Updates Private Customer Fees

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 20, 2019. NEYVA Bank adopted a new version of terms and conditions for private customers. According to the bank’s press service, the changes mostly have to do with the launch of the Faster Payments System, where you can send money using only the receiver’s phone number.

The new terms and conditions came into effect on November 18, 2019; the upper limit on free-of-charge money transfers (using a card number or a phone number) has been increased to RUB 20,000 a month (RUB 35 plus 1.5% of the remaining amount get charged on the amount exceeding the limit).

For the full version of the updated terms and conditions and information on banking fees, please visit the company website. You can also call the 24/7 hotline +7−800−7000−213 (toll-free in Russia) or contact the bank via WhatsApp, Telegram, and Viber at +7−905−8005−070 or via the website and Bank Online.

UralBusinessConsulting reported earlier that NEYVA Bank is now a member bank of the Russian Central Bank’s Faster Payments System; the bank is Russia’s 26th bank and one of the Urals’ first ones to have joined the system.

‘Starting November 18, 2019, the bank’s private customers will be able to make instant money transfers to their own or other holders’ accounts at other FPS member banks with only the receiver’s phone number, anywhere in Russia, any time,’ the bank says.
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