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OOO FORES’s Asbest Branch Installs New Sock Filters

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, November 15, 2019. Recent tests proved that all the new sock filters installed at OOO FORES’s Asbest branch work efficiently, the company’s press service reports.

‘All the five new sock filters at spray-drying towers at Asbest branch have been installed and work properly, which has been confirmed by testing the latest one operating at Production Line 2. Once the old gas scrubbers have been replaced with this new equipment, our filtering capacity has gone up impressively’ the company says.

According to the company’s press service, the first filter got launched in July 2018 as part of a production experiment. The experience proved successful, so the company went on to replace the other filters. The second one got launched in April 2019, the third and fourth ones arrived in June, and the fifth one was introduced in July. The testing confirmed that all the filters work as they ought to.

‘This means our project to replace the sock filters at Asbest branch’s spray-drying towers is completed. Now we have to keep an eye on the equipment and to replace the sock fixtures in time. The first filter’s set was good for a whole year and got replaced in late July. We did not stop at launching and testing the filters, however: a special roof extension was built over the facilities in time for the winter,’ FORES says.

The same project is also about to get completed in FORES’s Sukhoi Log branch. Four out of six sock filters have been replaced at the spray-drying towers. Startup and commissioning is about to being on the fifth filter, the sixth one is ready for assembly. These two filters are expected to get launched next year, after their respective production lines have been fully repaired.

FORES spent over RUB 110m to replace 11 filters at its Asbest and Sukhoi Log branches.
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