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Pervouralsk to Look Into ChelPipe Group’s Urban Improvement Plan

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 10, 2019. A discussion on ChelPipe Group’s urban improvement and development program will take place in Pervouralsk on October 11-12, the Group’s press service reports.

The discussion is coordinated by ChelPipe Group and Urban Analytics Center and will get hosted by Innovative Culture Center.

First, a foresight session involving federal, regional, and local experts will get coordinated on October 11.

The next day, October 12, Pervouralsk residents will be able to voice their urban improvement proposals in the course of an open-to-all public discussion. The locals’ feedback will be taken into account when the program gets finalized and implemented. You can sign up for the event at gorod.pervo.ru; the website was introduced specifically to keep the public informed about the program. The site also offers a description of the Group’s urban improvement program, a detailed map of the proposed construction projects, and a FAQs section.

‘Communicating openly with the general public and the expert community is one of the key components of Pervouralsk’s urban improvement plan. The first stage of the program involved Urban Analytics Center analysts doing a multi-aspect research on Pervouralsk’s urban environment and looking into the primary infrastructure facilities to undergo changes: urban transit facilities, public spaces, communal yards, and street lighting. They also evaluated the level of local business development and came up with a list of guidelines on how the town should develop. The research findings, the experts’ recommendations, and the town residents’ feedback will be used as the basis for Pervouralsk’s urban development strategy,’ the Group’s press service says.
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