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MMK Holds Engineer of The Year Contest

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, September 27, 2019. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) is coordinating this year’s Engineer of The Year Contest, the company’s Information & PR Department reports.

‘The goal of the annual engineering event is to distinguish MMK’s best engineering workers, advertise their tech achievements and production experience, and have them compete in the all-Russian Engineer of The Year Contest later on. The competition is open to MMK employees, regardless of their position in the company and their PhD in Engineering Science or lack thereof, who have a BSc./MSc. degree in Engineering, work as engineers, and have achieved tangible production success this year,’ the company says.

The contestants must present their engineering solutions or developments that meet all the modern standards. In their assessment of the contestants’ competence, the judges’ panel will look into how independent their tech thinking is; how prepared they are to design new materials, machines, appliances, and technologies; how profound their scientific, engineering, and business training is; how well they can combine professional expertise and practical skills; whether they have been trained to do analytical research; whether they can adjust flexibly to changes in their professional requirements; and whether they can formulate their opinion on tech issues on the basis of research and synthesis.

The judges will also look into the contestants’ knowledge of scientific and tech research methodology, modeling principles, and experimental methods; their engagement in continuous professional education (including self-instruction); their ability to focus on multidisciplinary projects; their expertise in the field of business, management, marketing, and innovative projects.

The prize winners will receive money premiums.
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