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FORES Upgrades Filtering Facilities in Asbest Branch

30.07.2019. : public
UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 30, 2019. OOO FORESs Asbest branch is working to upgrade the plants dust-exhaust facilities.

According to the companys press service, the introduction of extra cyclone dust collectors and three sock filters on the rotary drum dryer will make the entire appliances performance much more reliable.

The addition of a second stage to the de-dusting process and the expansion of filtering facilities helped reduce the filters overall workload and provided the necessary reserve. What is more, theres now considerably less dust at workplaces, says Director at OOO FORESs Asbest branch Dmitri Viberg.

FORES also reports the quality of raw stuffs produced at the plant went up as well. The company switched from the quartz concentrate from Malyshev to the natural sand from Bochkarikhinsky Deposit in early July. The sand particles are larger in size and therefore emit less dust; as the sand is also less humid, less electric power is needed to dry it up.