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Yerunakovskaya 8 Miners Make 1,000,000,000 kg of Coal in 4 Months

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 17, 2019. Miners from EVRAZ Holding’s Yerunakovskaya 8 Mine extracted 1,000,000,000 kg of coal in four months. Alexander Lyane’s team from the mine’s Section 1 produced the entire amount from a single coal-bed in just four months, EVRAZ Holding Siberia’s Corporate Communications Center reports.

EVRAZ Vice President and Director-General at Raspadskaya Coal Company Sergey Stepanov congratulated the team on their record output.

These 1,000,000,000 kg of coal got extracted from Coalface 48-6 that got started upon in the spring of 2018. The miners have been using up-to-date (semi)-automated equipment, working in challenging geological conditions (including increased gas volume) at under 500 meters below the surface. Their safety is guaranteed due to reliable gas-removal appliances, mobile gas-suction units, and dust-suppressing, air-humidifying, and aerogas control systems in place,’ the company says.

‘This achievement became possible thanks to the miners’ great teamwork and their purposefulness. To ensure non-stop coal production, Yerunakovskaya miners brought all the belt conveyors and the mine drainage systems in full compliance with the safety requirements first. Besides, certain components of the hydraulic power units got replaced and the over-loader and the armoured face conveyor got repaired,’ the company says.

The miners expect to produce their second batch of 1,000,000,000 kg from Coalface 48-6 by August, in time for Miner’s Day. The company produces coking coal of the valuable GZh type that sells well both in Russia and abroad. Once it has been processed at Abashevskaya and Kuznetskaya Processing Plants, the coal concentrate gets delivered to EVRAZ Holding’s metallurgical enterprises; some of the coal gets exported as well.
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