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ChelPipe Group Presents FRACTURA at Neftegaz EXPO 2019

UrBC, Chelyabinsk, April 15, 2019. FRACTURA, ChelPipe Group’s hi tech MSHF appliances, are the key product the Group will be presenting at Neftegaz 2019 International Exhibition, the company’s press service reports.

The Group’s oilfield services division Rimera intends to start making hi tech multistage hydraulic fracturing (MSHF) equipment that ensures increased output at hard-to-extract and almost-finished oil deposits. FRACTURA will be made at Rimera’s Izhneftemash’s new, White-Coated Metallurgy-compliant production site in accordance with a Canadian technology. The interactive presentation of the equipment will took place at ChelPipe Group’s stand on April 15-17.

The company will also present White Well, the Group’s oilfield services and pipe-manufacturing divisions’ joint project, at the exhibition. White Well provides a comprehensive approach to oil production business: selection, production, and delivery of, and after-sale services for submersible equipment. The synergy resulting from the Group’s two divisions working together will mean customers can save considerably on the well maintenance costs.

Finally, the Group will be featuring ChelPipe Prime threaded joints for casing and pumping/compression pipes at the stand; these joints have improved performance parameters and are suitable for complicated vertical, horizontal, and slanted wells. The Group’s asset ETERNO is going to present its unique import substitution product: split tees that make it possible to repair pipelines without shutting the gas transfer process down.
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