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75% of UBRD’s Business Customers Set Up Deposits Online

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 11, 2019. The share of business customers setting up savings deposits online now comes to 75% of all business customers banking with the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD), the bank’s press service reports.

According to the bank’s statistical data, business customers mostly choose iDeposit: this deposit type makes up 60.2% of all the deposits at the bank. The product is so popular because it is very easy to open: it only takes a couple of clicks in your Light e-banking system (for small businesses) or Pro system (for medium and large enterprises). The deposit amount starts from RUB 100,000, which makes it very affordable for many business people. Besides, there’s a great interest rate offered: the UBRD raised its interest rates recently, so you can earn up to 7.8% a year on your iDeposit now. The deposit period can come to anything between 3 and 180 days.

‘Providing full-scale online services for our business customers has long been a must for the bank. We were among the first banks on the market to introduce the option of setting up a deposit online: the service has been available since 2013. According to our data, this is a very popular option with customers, as three out of four customers place their funds with the bank online. The average amount our business customers deposit with the bank has also been getting larger, which proves, once again, that our customers trust us and feel confident that their money is placed with a reliable bank,’ says UBRD Corporates Development Director Elena Sorvina.
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