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ChelPipe BOD Adopts Customer-Oriented Transformation Program

25.12.2018. : public
UrBC, Yekaterinburg, December 25, 2018. ChelPipes Board of Directors adopted a customer-oriented, digital technologies-based business transformation program on December 19. The company intends to direct some RUB 1 billion to the program next year, the company press service reports.

A customer-oriented transformation is only logical at this stage of our corporate White-Coated Metallurgy philosophys development. The person, that is, our customer, our employee, a resident of the town or constituency where this company operates, is the focus of this philosophy. Given the increasingly fierce competition on both the home and the external markets, switching to a customer-oriented business model, where everything happens around the customer-company communication process (and the ongoing improvement of the said process) is expected to both boost the business's key performance parameters (better sales and lower overheads) and make ChelPipe Group one of the worlds most efficient and most customer-oriented industrial corporations, says Chair of ChelPipe BOD Andrei Komarov.

The transformation program is three-fold: 1) Digital Perfect Flow, that is, ongoing improvements in the field of customer order processing at every stage from the customer placing their order to getting customer feedback on the order fulfillment; 2) Digital Office: a flawless procedure for processing internal customers inquiries throughout the companys entire communication/production/supply chain; and 3) Digital Culture: a new platform for the companys development.

Todays digital solutions will serve as the basis for our long-term strategy to create a business that remains customer- and partner-oriented at every stage. The plan is to design a new digital platform using the micro-service IT architecture that is currently unique to Russias metallurgical industry. This architecture makes it possible to be flexible in our choice of specific digital solutions and to integrate them into our actual business processes faster. The goal is to change the business processes by taking a dramatically different approach to how we look at things: well now try to analyze these processes through our partners and customers experience. Theres a great challenge lying ahead of the team, says Head of ChelPipe Groups Transformation Program Alexei Mitenkov.