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Ural Airlines Offer Discounted Tbilisi Flights

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 1, 2018. Ural Airlines offer a 50% discount to passengers with disabilities and a 20% discount to passengers aged 12-27 on its Zhukovsky-Tbilisi and Tbilisi-Zhukovsky flights on October 22, 2018-April 20, 2019.

The discount is available to people in the 12-27 age group (20% off) and people with Group I disabilities and Group II and III lifelong disabilities (50% off). You can book your reduced-price tickets to Tbilisi between September 27, 2018 and April 20, 2019 at a booking office as long as you produce proof of eligibility. You can book a specific seat over the phone +7-800-7700-262,’ the company’s press service says.
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