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100+ Pervouralsk Businesspeople Join PNTZ’s Social Project

UrBC, Pervouralsk, September 13, 2018. ProyekTY Social Skills School coordinated its first creative session in Pervouralsk, with over a hundred starting-up and experienced local businesspeople taking part. The school gets supported by ChelPipe Group’s Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant (PNTZ), the Group’s press service reports.

First, the session activists presented their projects that are targeted both at making a profit and at improving the locals’ lives. The projects covered a wide range of ideas, from tourist cycling routes to new mobile apps. Interestingly, old-age pensioners were the target audience for quite a few projects: there were proposals to set up rehabilitation centers and gadget literacy courses for the elderly. Activists were also interested in helping children with disabilities, through a trained child-minder service, for example.

‘Unlike for-profit businesses, social entrepreneurship does not always pay off and sometimes needs extra funding to survive. PNTZ has always supported the town of Pervouralsk in every way, so we are ready to fund the local businesspeople’s relevant projects,’ says PNTZ Managing Director Alexei Dronov.
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