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MegaFon Launches Flat-Rate Internet Access

29.08.2018. : public
UrBC, Moscow, August 29, 2018. MegaFon now offers flat-rate Internet access to customers who subscribed to the companys popular payment plans, the mobile carriers press service reports.

The unlimited Internet access option is now available free of charge and can get signed up for through the customers online accounts. New customers wont need to do even that, as the flat-rate access is already included in the payment plans, the press service says.

The offer applies to five new payment plans introduced in June that also cover special offers on voice calls, TV/video viewing, and listening to music. Customers currently on MegaFons archived payment plans can always switch to a newer plan and enjoy the unlimited online communication as well.

The idea is to give our customers an opportunity to try out our popular online services at a high downloading speed. According to Ookla.s recent Speedtests, MegaFon is offering Russias highest-speed Internet access at the moment. Over 7.9m speed tests got made by regular customers within all the mobile carriers networks, and MegaFons results proved the best and the highest, says the company CFO Vlad Volfson.