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ChelPipe Groups Shareholders Support New Book

25.07.2018. : public
UrBC, Chelyabinsk, July 25, 2018. A presentation of Sergey Bunkovs new book (Way to the Height) took place on Monday, July 23, 2018. The book was published with support from ChelPipe Groups shareholders Andrei Komarov and Alexander Fedorov, the Groups press service reports.

The book is a chronicle of Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plants development that also dwells on the plants unique corporate philosophy known as White-Coated Metallurgy. It was quite symbolic that the presentation took place on July 23: it was exactly eight years ago on that day that Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of Vysota 239, the production department that is now the flagship of White-Coated Metallurgy.

Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant has manufactured over 108,000,000,000 kg of pipes in the last seventy-six years, has set hundreds of productions records, and is now a big part of thousands of local peoples lives. Eight years ago, some people were skeptical about metallurgy becoming white-coated, but here we are, at Vysota 239, with history in the making. ChelPipe is now the true symbol of new industrial standards, says ChelPipe Group shareholder and Chair of the BOD Alexander Fedorov.