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EVRAZ NTMK Holds Charity Marathon

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 20, 2018. EVRAZ NTMK’s charity marathon moved on from the plant’s mechanics to the rail beam department’s workers this month; the symbolic ‘relay baton’ was handed over from one department to another at a meeting chaired by the Managing Director, EVRAZ Holding’s press service reports.

The plant’s mechanics spent about two months doing their part of the project, with all the subdivisions of the Senior Mechanic’s Department taking part.

‘Schools and day cares in remote locations rarely get focused on, so we decided to support Kindergarten 34 in the village of Pervomaysky. I am grateful to all the employees who joined in, especially to Chair of the Department Committee Svetlana Pershkina. We did a good and important deed. Being useful feels good to every human being,’ says EVRAZ NTMK’s Senior Mechanic Andrei Zudov.

The workers’ donations got directed to buying cutlery and utensils for the kitchen and replacing the lamps and electric circuit wiring; they also repaired the children’s study/play rooms themselves and installed new windows on the flights of stairs. Additionally, fire extinguishers and garbage containers got installed inside and benches, sand boxes, swings, and a new fence outside. Finally, a special festive event got organized for the children, who were given books, pencil cases, and school supplies. The children also prepared a little performance for their visitors and read a poem for every worker that got composed specially for him or her.
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