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EVRAZ NTMK Engineers Get Cherepanov Prize

13.07.2018. : public
UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 13, 2018. Tech Director of EVRAZ Holdings Nizhniy Tagil Integrated Metallurgical Works (NTMK) Pavel Zazhigayev and the plants Deputy Head for Tech Management Konstantin Shvedov are among Sverdlovsk Regions twenty-two top engineers this year; they got awarded by First Deputy Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Alexei Orlov at Innoprom 2018 Exhibition.

According to the company press service, Pavel Zazhigayev won the Cherepanov Prize for his contribution to the upgrades of NTMKs blast furnace facilities and for launching green and productivity-boosting technologies at the plant.

Konstantin Shvedov got awarded for the efficient supervision of production process optimization and for making sure the plant now makes new metal goods varieties. He is responsible for the launch of new steel types at the plants converter shop, for the launch of new railroad-related goods (crane rails and others), and for the launch of various new types of channel bars and H-beams (strength grade: S390B and S440B).