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Innoprom 2018 Results in White-Coated Metallurgistsí Training Unit

13.07.2018. –ŗÁžŚŮÚŤŽ: public
UrBC, Yekaterinburg, July 13, 2018. An agreement on setting up a management company to coordinate that training of highly skilled Ďwhite-coated metallurgistsí was signed at the 9th Innoprom International Industrial Exhibition in Yekaterinburg on July 12, Sverdlovsk Regionís Information Policy Department reports.

The agreement was signed by Sverdlovsk Regionís First Deputy Governor Alexei Orlov, Managing Director of ChelPipe Groupís Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant Alexei Dronov, and acting Mayor of Pervouralsk Igor Kabets.

The agreement covers a number of specific steps to go through with the plan adopted during Russian Investment Forum in Sochi by Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeny Kuivashev, Russiaís Education Minister Olga Vassilyeva, ChelPipe Groupís Chair of the BOD Andrei Komarov, and Director-General of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Svetlana Chupsheva. The goal is to set up an NGO that will act as the management company and supervise the training process at Pervouralsk Metallurgical School and Pervouralsk Polytechnic.

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