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Russia: 50% of Unemployed Are in 20-34 Age Group

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 15, 2018. The Russian Government's Vice Premier Tatiana Golikova says every one in two jobless people in the country is in the 20-34 age group, Interfax quotes the official as saying.

'Young people aged 20 to 34 currently make up the largest segment of the unemployed; their share in the overall number of the jobless now comes to 48.7%,' Golikova said at a government briefing on Thursday.

The Vice Premier also said they didn't have any statistical data on disease and mortality rates among women in the 50-60 age group and men in the 60-65 one.

'We have no data available on this,' Golikova said.

Still, it was reported that 10.4m people over 55 (women) and 60 (men) had to get hospitalized last year. 3.7%, or 393,800 people passed away during their hospital stays.
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