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4,000 Companies Go Into Liquidation in Yekaterinburg

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 24, 2018. 4,039 legal entities officially went into liquidation in Yekaterinburg in the first quarter of the year. This exceeds the figures for the number of newly registered businesses (1,778) by 2.3 times, Sverdlovskstat reports.

As for Sverdlovsk Region on the whole, the ratio of liquidated companies to newly registered ones was the same: 5,386 to 2,347 businesses, respectively. In over 90% of cases, the liquidated businesses are private ones that are associations or partnerships.

Additionally, one new state-owned federal company, two state-run constituency-level companies, six municipal companies, thirty-seven mixed-ownership companies, and twenty-one foreign companies got set up in Sverdlovsk Region in January-March 2018. At the same time, four federal companies, five constituency-level companies, forty-seven municipal companies, eighty mixed-ownership companies, and twenty-six foreign companies went into liquidation.
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