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Sverdlovsk Region: 32,000 Locals Can’t Travel Abroad

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 19, 2018. Sverdlovsk Region’s court officers have issued more than 32,000 warrants since the start of the year that impose a temporary ban on local debtors’ traveling abroad. Their accumulated debt currently comes to more than RUR 27bn, the local division of Russia’s Federal Service of Court Officers reports.

The warrants touched upon 3,496 non-payers of child support, whose consolidated debt amounts to over RUR 1.3bn. 3,000 warrants have to do with people with unpaid housing bills, who owe their suppliers some RUR 3m. As for fines, including traffic ones, 4,000 warrants have been issued (total amount: RUR 350m).

Additionally, 797 private individuals and businesses with delayed tax payments won’t be able to travel abroad for the time being. Their accumulated debt totals to RUR 120m.

Finally, 10,000 locals with failed bank loan repayments (total amount: RUR 5.6bn) faced a temporary international travel ban.
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