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MegaFon Ural: New Year’s Traffic Up 2.5 Times

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 11, 2018. MegaFon Ural’s customers used more than 300,000 Gb of traffic to send season’s greetings through messengers and social networks in December and January, which exceeded the figures for last season by 2.5 times and equals to roughly 60 million e-cards, the telecommunications provider’s press service reports.

MegaFon Ural’s users mostly made calls on Viber, sent texts on WhatsApp, and used their 4G connection.

‘The fourth-generation network was definitely the preferred online greetings channel. The amount of 4G traffic within our network rose by as much as 6 times against last year. WhatsApp proved No.1 among messenger services, with users actively chatting and exchanging photos,’ the press service says.

People also used their connection to watch videos in the evenings during the New Year break. Game of Thrones and Molodezhka were MegaFon.TV series hits, while The Last Warrior, Attraction, Six Degrees of Celebration, and Home Alone proved the most watched feature films. Users also relied heavily on ordering food delivery and taxi services online and checked movie theaters’ websites for movie times.

MegaFon Ural’s subscribers were among Russia’s most communicative users, only preceded by those in the Far East, the Caucasus, and Siberia. They spent an average of 12 minutes talking on the phone, made 12.3 million calls (2.5 times more than on any average day), and sent 13 million text messages (3 times more than on any average day) on New Year’s Eve.
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