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EVRAZ ZSMK Rebuilds Steel-Smelting Furnace

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 27, 2017. A steel-smelting arc furnace recently got upgraded at EVRAZ Holding’s West Siberian Integrated Metallurgical Works (ZSMK), EVRAZ Holding Siberia’s press office reports.

The upgrades are expected to improve the arc furnace’s productivity and to cut down on production costs. The plant directed some RUR 300m to the project.

‘The furnace now has an up-to-date smelting acceleration system that will both increase our output and reduce electric power and electrode spending. We also had some new coke delivery and lime powder delivery units installed. Thanks to the upgrades, the steel-smelting process will get much faster and the plant’s output will go up by nearly 100,000,000 kg, that is, to 931,000,000 kg a year,’ the press office says.

The as-cast billets ZSMK makes at its steel-smelting department are used for making railway products.
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